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The Four Thoughts

In May 2011 Khenpo Tsultrim Tenzin gave a talk on the four thoughts that turn the mind to the dharma: “Developing the correct motivation comes through practicing the four turnings of the mind to the dharma. It lets you practice for the sake of liberation and also for temporary samsaric benefit. If you practice for the benefit of the next life, then the benefit of this life will come automatically. If you plant grain, you will get hay along with it. But if you practice grass, you will get only hay. The greater your motivation, the greater your capacity will be. If you have a great dream, you can do great things, but if you have a small mind, you cannot do much. So the first practice is the meditation on bodhicitta, the wish to liberate all beings from samsara. But you cannot liberate others without liberating yourself. Liberation is based on renunciation. Without renunciation there is no bodhicitta, and no hope of gaining liberation.”

The Eight Worldly Dharmas

In April 2011 Lama Purbu Tashi Rinpoche gave a talk on the eight worldly dharmas: “There are four things we care so much for, and another four we don’t want. These concerns create additional problems for us. So we should work to release ourselves from these concerns. To be a serious and pure dharma practitioner you should be free of these eight concerns. We sometimes talk of renunciation. Normally our concern is only for this lifetime. Dharma practioners have a longer term view and are concerned about ultimate happiness. Normal people only care about the eight worldly dharmas.”