Our Sangha

Every Sunday from ten to one the Medicine Buddha Sangha meets at Susquehanna Yoga and Meditation Center, 12-A Aylesbury Road, Timonium 21093, to teach the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhist meditation. The weekly sessions are led by our senior practitioners. We also receive the teachings of our Tibetan teacher, Lama Gursam of the Bodhicitta Foundation, and other Tibetan lamas who visit the Baltimore area.

Practitioners of all levels are welcome. Please wear comfortable, respectful, casual clothes. We sit on floor cushions or chairs provided at the center, and we open and close our meditation session by reciting short prayers and mantras from our prayer book.

Buddhism is a philosophic system taught by Sakyamuni Buddha, born Siddhartha Gautama, about 2,500 years ago in India. The teachings emphasize moral responsibility, loving kindness and compassion, and developing wisdom through the practice of meditation. The teachings of the Buddha do not interfere with other religious commitments you may have.

The Medicine Buddha Sangha is affiliated with the Bodhicitta Foundation, Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Tibetan Meditation Center, Frederick, Maryland.

If you want a personal copy of the prayer book we use every Sunday, it can be downloaded from Lama Gursam's website. It also has instructions on how to print it. There is no need to make a copy for the Sunday meditation.

We will perform Buddhist prayers for the dying on request. Please call 410-653-6638 for more information.

Sangha News

There will be no meditation Sunday, April 9th. The studio is being used for a yoga seminar.

Our regularSunday schedule is:

  • 10‐11 AM Quiet Mindfulness Meditation — Brief instructions will be given if requested. Q&A at the end of the session. Both beginning and advanced practitioners are welcome.
  • 11:15‐1 PM Tibetan Dharma Practice — The practice includes visualization and mantra recitation.

On Wednesday, September 21, Buddhism 101 classes will begin in Baltimore area at the Lance David and Paula Bergerson Residence.

302 Sophia Court
Pikesville, MD 21208

Please call to register at 410-653-6638. The suggested donation is $10 per class. There will be 8 weekly classes. The topics will include: 12 Deeds of the Buddha, Four Noble Truths, Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind to the Dharma, Karma Cause and Effect, Love Compassion and Bodhicitta, The Two Truths, Buddha Nature, and Taking Refuge. Question and Answer is encouraged.